Thursday, 29 May 2014

Jack Frost Hits Town

Jack Frost arrived in Northland this week and what a show he put on. But what is frost? How does it happen? What is it made of? I have no idea. So could someone please help me.

PS Where did the saying of Jack Frost come from and how did it start?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Holiday Action

Having fun in the holidays is so important to me... This photo is Chewy climbing the steep sand dunes at 90 Mile Beach. She tried so hard but those little fluffy legs just couldn't do it. Chewy had lots of fun and enjoyed chasing the seagulls across the beach and into the crashing waves. Unfortunately she manged to find a stinky old fish head and did what all dogs do - rolled in it. Yuck. The smell was horrible so she spent the rest of the trip in the back of the car. Chewy was not happy but we were.

This photo was taken while we were steaming home after a successful days fishing. I'm holding a nice Hapuka. I named it Harry. That evening Harry joined us for dinner and a big smoke up... My friends and I enjoyed the night talking about the ones that got away but I'm not sure if Harry was overly impressed. As the night went on our fish turned into whales and Harry ended up being the size of a house... go Harry the Hapuka.

Did you have an exciting time in the holidays?