Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bob the Musician

What an exciting morning listening, watching, and some lucky room 5 children joining in with Bob the musician.

This is a picture of Bob

Here is Milly 
Here is Thomas with Janita from room 17

Here is Angel-Lee on the right

Lastly Daniel showing us his dancing skills - YOU ROCK DANIEL 

What did you think of the show room 5? What parts did you like and how did you feel going up on stage?

Well done room 5 and seniors. You were an awesome audience.


  1. i enjoyed going to the music show it was so fun bob is so funny the most things i liked was the instruments.and getting up in front and participation in all things it was funny and exciting the funnyest part was when daniel,jamie - lee had to hold hands and dance nepia and waimarama had to hold hands hare and kaiyamika. and bob was holding miss nikolas hand . and this was funny when bob said to kara your going to mary keisha that was so funny

  2. WOW! I liked when Bob said BANG!!!! that really made me jump.
    And when Daniel was dancing that was funny.
    What was it like to be up there on stage, was it scary, or were you proud?

  3. that show was cool i liked the instruments the most
    but Daniels dance was cool and funnyn

  4. What did I think about the show, very, very awesome because I, like doing the acting and the story.I felt awesome because bob's laughs.

  5. Wow!! Bob was awesome he is the best musician I have ever heard in a really long time. Daniel was really shy when he had to dance with Jamie-lee. Everyone was laughing. Hey Daniel were you proud of yourself when you stood up and performed?

    1. I was proud as well Daniel. It takes lots of courage to stand up in front of an audience... especially your school mates

  6. That was the cools show I like when bob blew the cool as flute it was the best I liked the to stone banging to gather

  7. i enjoyed going to the music show with my mannas.

  8. It was fantastic to see Bob the musician and to hear that story he did it was so interesting. My favourite entrenchment was the violent it was so cool it mad me go to sleep. I got scared when he said BAG it really gave me a shook.

  9. I got a shock when he went DAG!!!. I got frightened when he said that I was about to cry but it was funny.

  10. Daniel you rook you are cool and you look Fun in the pet and are exciting.
    Thomas you look Fun and exciting,
    the fun pat was when they was .
    they are cool.

  11. That was fun. because I was watching some kids dancing on the stag. and Mr v was tacking some pitchers I cold here the nose Daniel is cold at dancing I like the best part is when Bob was playing the music.

  12. I like that Daniel dances and his smile on his faces.

  13. Room 5 was so lucky to see all those instruments. I liked the Maori musical stuff and the story.

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