Tuesday, 8 April 2014

What Should We Say More Often?

Kid President has come up with a list of 20 things he thinks we should say more often. Some are really important and some are just for fun. Click above and have a listen.

Can you come up with a list of important things you should say more often with some fun ones added in? Don't forget to tell us why they are important to you.


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  2. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass....our children are our greatest gift on earth may we encourage them,help them to learn and to believe in all that they can become...Kiri ...

  3. Please, Thank you and you're welcome list highly on my list it doesn't hurt to have manners.
    I Love you....always puts a smile on someone's face
    Is there anything you would like me to do? A helping hand is always welcome..

    Comment from Thomas' Mum.....Mum and Dad are always proud of the effort you put into everyday!!

  4. 1. “Please” - So you don’t be rude
    2. “Excuse me” - If you need to go past someone
    3. “Hello” - To be polite
    4. “Thank you” - For something they've done for you
    5. “Sorry” - To apologize to the person
    6. “Your team’s better than mine” - Most people think their team is better
    7. “You're welcome” - Because someone has thanked you
    8. “You can do it” - To support the person
    9. “Want to be my friend” - To be someones friend
    10. “That’s cool” - Just to be nice

  5. say something nice so people feel better.
    be polite so people feel welcome and so there comfortable.
    Treat them the way you want to be treated.
    say thank you so they can say it to you.

  6. We should all say ‘thank you’ so we could use ow manners
    Say sorry when you make some won cry
    Say you can do it when other people are playing sports games.
    Encourage other people when they are lost
    Caring for other people when they.

  7. Denver’s list of things people (and kids) should say more often!!!!!

    Thank you - Why? Because its nice to hear that other people like what is given to them.
    Please, Because its cool to ask.
    Yawn - Don’t be shy to yawn, cause everyone gets tired once in a while.
    Can I have McDonalds? What a man's (or a kid’s) gotta eat.
    Hello, if you say hi to someone they’ll say hi back and that feels good, doesn’t it?
    Your so cool you're my BEST FRIEND!, oh that might hurt you real bbf feelings.
    Can I help you, cause if you help someone, when you need help, they’ll help you. And that's AWESOME!
    I like your smile. (but don’t say that if their smile is like this → ‘u’) .

  8. Family is in your heart because, family is a team and care about each other.
    Hello because you are my friend.
    Your name because, to be proud of your name.
    What you stand for, because who you is important.
    Friends because they care for you.

  9. We should say nice things to after people so they will be good friends to as to so we can be friends to and we have to you's ow manners to and you have to say sorry when you hurt same one if you want to get something you have to say please.

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  11. Thank You - if someone give you somthink you say Thank You.
    Excuse me- so you do not be rude.
    Surprise - if you want to slrbrait.
    . I’m Sorry - if you do some think wrong you say i'm sorry.
    Nothing - becuase if you have Nothing to say.

  12. Care for each other because its nice and helpful.
    Respect other people because when people get hurt we can help them get up if they fall over.
    I forgive you because they might be my friend its good to help people.
    When you're helpful you must help people it’s good.
    Care for each other because its nice and helpful.
    Say thank you because if you don’t we might feel bad when people say thank you to me i’m all happy.
    I’m sorry to people because they might feel sad when they say sorry I feel better but sometimes because i’m a bit angry.
    when I give people some lunch to eat they feel better I like getting lunch from other people I feel happy.

    1. That is nice keishana i like that one

  13. Say something nice so people feel better
    Be polite so people feel welcome and so there comfortable
    Treat them the way you want to be treated
    Say thank you so they can say it to you
    Say do you want some lollies
    Be a role model for other people so they can be one to

  14. People should be honest” so the person you are telling will trust you.

    People should say “please and thank you” because that is using your manners for the people that you're asking them to grab something”

    People should “share” because when you go to there house they will share their things with you.

    People should “encourage other people” so they could have confidence

    People should “think before they talk “ so they won’t hurt the person there feelings

    People should tell their friend that “everything will be okay” because they might be sad

    people should be “happy for what they have” because not many people will have anything.

    “People should be nice” because there'll be nice to you.

    People should “Say I forgive you” because they will be your friend forever.

  15. Care for other people because that is helpful.
    Say something very nice because they will be better.
    You can Mack them be happy.
    You can say I am sorry.
    Do you want some help.

  16. He is such a crack up, I want to see that heaps of times. I know this was posted a very long time ago. It is still AWESOME. Hi Miss Nicola, How are you doing? It will be nice if you could visit our school again I really really miss you.

  17. He is very funny my class has watched it ourselves and we laughed a lot. We liked the bonus one the best probably. This is an old post but that video is very AWESOME!!

    From Lucy.