Thursday, 19 June 2014

Teacher for a Day

If you were teacher for a day what would you?


  1. If I was the teacher for the day I would teach them some sports like Rugby, Tennis, and Basketball. My rules would be not yelling and not jumping around because it would give me a big headache. I would have to make them write out the dictionary and they would be disappointed. Then I would have to teach them their reading and their maths after they have done writing out of the dictionary.

  2. I want a kind teacher because they can help me when I need help. They can help me do my work when I need help too. So I want to be a kind teacher so I can help people too. When they need help from me they just put there hands up and I will come in a minute then I would say “what do you need help with.” If you need help with your spelling then off I go helping you. when I finish I go back to my little office and wait for the next person to put there hand up. I really want to have free time but I have to help my little students so I do that for them. I am proud of myself today and my students are proud of me too and if I was a teacher I would give them free time too if they finish their work today and tomorrow.

  3. Teacher of a Day
    If I was a teacher for a day it would be a bit of free time then some writing, reading, maths, art and then activates. Rules should be no shouting in the class, talking on topic, no fighting because I want to keep the class safe. What subjects would I teach? Art, writing, reading, and maths.

    Mr V can we have more free time please?

  4. If I Was Teacher For a Day

    I would be a nice teacher

    What they would learn…

    I would teach them all the normal stuff that we normally do at school.


    Rule 1. Tidy up shoes
    Rule 2. No fighting or Swearing
    Rule 3. No arguing
    Rule 4. Bags hung up properly
    Rule 5. Be good
    Rule 6. No jumping or running in the class

    What other subject would they learn…

    The other subjects they would learn would be learning about nature, building, making fire with wood, stones and leaves.

    What sports would they learn…

    I would teach them how to play cricket, rugby, basketball and long ball.

    And at the end of the day I would give everyone a giant lollipop if the were good. And I think they would like me.

    Mr V can please have more free time? :)

  5. If I was Teacher for a day.

    If I was a teacher for a day I would let my class play fun maths games while I was working with someone (or a group, at maths time of course). At reading time they could read books that they got from the library and I would help them if they got stuck on a hard word. For writing they’d be able to write about whatever they wanted. If they wanted to write about knights and dragons they could. If they wanted to write about something they did in the weekend they could. At the end of the day before the bell went I’d play sports with my classroom and the children could vote on a game to play.

    My Classroom Rules

    1. No copying other peoples work.
    2. No running in the classroom.
    3. No swearing.
    4. No eating chocolate in class.
    5. No starting fights after school.

  6. Kia ora Room 5. I like you ideas about what you would do if you were teacher's for a day. I think you would all make wonderful teachers. Just one thing - Denver if I was in your class please let me eat chocolates.
    From Mrs Morgan-French

  7. if I was a teacher for a day there will be no rules and I let them have free time every day (so I could be the best teacher in the whole school)

  8. If i was a teacher three ill give the class free time to go on any thing everyday