Monday, 9 February 2015

Welcome to 2015

Hi everyone and welcome to 2015 and Room 5. The summer was absolutely fantastic and I had some amazing new experiences I shall remember for a long time. The stories of adventures from children also sounded exciting and it was pleasing to see so many happy faces on the first day of school.

This term is busy busy busy with plenty of exciting activities planned

Swimming - Yes we are swimming and I'm hoping for the whole term. Our swimming days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Swimming caps are not compulsory but if you prefer your child to wear one place it in with their togs and towel. At present only half the class is bringing togs so lets see if we can increase our numbers.

ASB Talk - Today we had an hour long interactive fun visit from the ASB to introduce the concepts of saving money. The children realised very quickly what a great idea it is to have money in the bank for a rainy day.

Chromebooks - With our chromebook day this week many children are extremely excited. Its important children receive their chromebook quickly and become familiar with the operating system and the protocols when using it at school. Parents can help with this process by filling in the paperwork and attending the meetings. Also making sure the payments are up to date helps our office staff.

Kiwi Visit - On 6 March we are heading to Kiwi North. Children will look through the museum, go on a bush walk, get to use microscopes and explore types of avian food. The highlight of the trip will be watching the kiwis have their lunch.

Unicycling - This term we are privileged to have Christian take uni-cycling again and the children just love it especially when he does a few of his jumps and spectacular tricks. Its great to have an inspirational young role model in our school.

Football - Dan from Northland Football will be coaching groups of children providing an opportunity for the enthusiastic football stars.

Leadership Roles - As always children will have the opportunity to take on school wide or classroom roles. Its great to see so many children keen to help and I will encourage all children to have a go at these roles.

Please remind children to bring a hat to school. This is so important with our harsh sun in Northland.

If any parents would like to say hi and have a chat about the start of the year or any other areas please feel free to make an appointment.

Keep smiling and shining


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  1. hey mr vicker staff good luck for this year from angel lee your sincerly